Algerian Football Federation Search for a New President: Djahid Zefizef

Algerian Football Federation Search for a New President
Algerian Football Federation Search for a New President

Algerian Football Federation Search for a New President;-The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) finds itself in a period of transition as it seeks a new leader to succeed Djahid Zefizef, who resigned from his position as president in July. The upcoming elective General Assembly, scheduled for September 21, has prompted potential candidates to submit their applications by August 13. Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the FAF’s leadership, a range of candidates are emerging, each bringing their own potential to steer Algerian football forward.

Unsettled Days and Shifting Timelines

Djahid Zefizef’s departure from the FAF presidency left a void that has yet to be filled with stability. The anticipated election of his successor on September 4 was derailed, leading to the rescheduling of the elective General Meeting to September 21. This change was primarily due to disruptions in the electoral timetable. The transition to new leadership in Algerian football has been anything but seamless.

Candidate Landscape and Speculations

Amid the impending election, several names have surfaced as potential candidates for the coveted FAF presidency. Notably, Dif Kaddour, the president of the CTRB Hassi Behbah amateur club in the Blida league, has emerged as an unexpected contender. While the authenticity of these candidates remains to be verified, one contender’s candidacy has gained attention. Walid Saadi, a former member of the Football Association’s Federal Bureau during Mohamed Raouraoua’s tenure, is believed to be a potential candidate.

The intrigue deepens with the potential candidacy of Meziane Ighil, a former NA Hussein Dey player and ex-international who boasts coaching experience across various clubs and even the national team. Similarly, Abdelkrim Medouar, once the president of ASO Chlef and currently the head of the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), is also being discussed as a potential candidate. On the contrary, the possibility of Raouf Selim Bernaoui, the former Minister of Sport (April 2019 to January 2020), submitting an application is waning.

Challenges and Influences

As the FAF navigates through this critical phase of leadership transition, the significance of political affiliations and connections cannot be overlooked. The prospective president’s proximity to centers of power is crucial for a successful bid. Those in positions of authority often wield influence over the election outcomes, rendering the relationship between leadership and power an intricate one. Djahid Zefizef’s exit from the presidency underscores the dynamics between authority and the football administration.

In conclusion, the search for the next president of the Algerian Football Federation unveils a landscape of potential candidates, uncertainties, and intricate power dynamics. The upcoming elective General Assembly carries the weight of shaping Algerian football’s trajectory, making the selection of the new leader a matter of both governance and influence. As Algeria aims to stabilize its football administration, the candidate who emerges victorious will need to navigate the intricate interplay of power and passion to guide the FAF forward.

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