Top Highest Paid Soccer Players in the South Africa Premier League 2023 Earnings of PSL Stars

Top Highest Paid Soccer Players in the South Africa Premier League
Top Highest Paid Soccer Players in the South Africa Premier League

The South African Premier League (PSL), officially known as the DStv Premiership, is a football league that showcases the best talent in South Africa. With 16 teams competing at the highest level of professional football, the PSL has become a hub for remarkable athletes who have not only achieved outstanding career statistics but have also earned substantial incomes.

In this article, we will delve into the world of the highest-paid soccer players in the South Africa Premier League for the year 2023. These players command impressive salaries, which are a testament to their skill, dedication, and contributions to the sport. Join us as we explore the financial success and exceptional abilities of these esteemed individuals who have become the driving forces behind their respective teams.

Factors Influencing Player Salaries in the PSL

When it comes to determining player salaries in the South Africa Premier League (PSL), several factors come into play. These factors shape the earning potential of players within the league and contribute to the financial landscape of professional soccer in South Africa. Here are the key factors that influence player salaries in the PSL:

Performance and Skill Level: The performance and skill level of a player on the field play a significant role in determining their salary. Players who consistently excel, display exceptional skills, and contribute to their team’s success are often rewarded with higher salaries. Clubs are willing to invest more in players who can make a tangible impact on the game.

Experience and Reputation: A player’s experience and reputation in the PSL and other leagues heavily influence their salary. Established players with a proven track record of success and longevity in the league command higher salaries due to their reputation, market value, and the value they bring to their respective teams. Clubs are willing to pay a premium for players with a wealth of experience.

International Recognition: International recognition can significantly impact a player’s market value and subsequent salary. Players who have represented their national teams or have participated in prestigious international tournaments often attract higher salaries. Their exposure on the global stage increases their demand, making them more valuable to clubs.

Transfer Fees: Transfer fees associated with player movements between clubs also influence their salaries. If a club invests a substantial amount in acquiring a player through a transfer, they are likely to offer a higher salary to match the investment and retain the player’s services. Transfer fees can directly impact the bargaining power and earning potential of players.

Market Demand and Competition: Market demand and competition for specific player positions play a crucial role in salary determination. If there is high demand for players in a particular position and limited availability of individuals with the required skills, clubs engage in bidding wars, driving up salaries. Intense competition among clubs to secure top talent directly affects player earnings.

Sponsorship and Commercial Value: A player’s sponsorship deals and commercial value can significantly impact their overall earnings. Those with a strong personal brand, marketability, and appeal attract lucrative sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. Clubs may consider a player’s commercial value when negotiating salaries, recognizing the additional revenue potential they bring through their marketable image.

Financial Situation of Clubs: The financial health and budget of individual clubs play a crucial role in determining player salaries. Clubs with substantial financial resources can offer higher salaries, while those operating with tighter budgets may have limitations on player wages. Financial considerations and sustainability are taken into account when determining salary structures.

These factors interplay and are considered during negotiations between players, clubs, and agents. Finding a balance that satisfies both parties is crucial for reaching mutually beneficial agreements. By taking into account these factors, the PSL strives to create a competitive and rewarding environment for players while ensuring the stability and growth of the league.

Top Highest Paid Soccer Players in the South Africa Premier League 2023

The following are the highest-paid soccer players in the South Africa Premier League for the year 2023

1. Keagan Dolly – R1.45 million per month

Keagan Dolly, playing for Kaizer Chiefs, tops the list as the highest-paid player in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R1.45 million, Dolly has established himself as a prominent figure in South African football. He excels as an attacking midfielder for both Kaizer Chiefs and the South Africa national team.

Keagan Dolly
Keagan Dolly

2. Samir Nurković – R930k per month

Samir Nurković, a Serbian football striker, currently represents Club Royal AM FC in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R930k, Nurković is one of the top-paid players in the league. His goal-scoring abilities and contributions on the field have made him an integral part of his team’s success.

Samir Nurković
Samir Nurković

3. Khama Billiat – R850k per month

Khama Billiat is a Zimbabwean professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Kaizer Chiefs. With a monthly salary of R850k, Billiat is known for his exceptional skills and technical abilities on the field. He has been a key player for both Kaizer Chiefs and the Zimbabwean national team.

Khama Billiat
Khama Billiat

4. Itumeleng Khune – R480k per month

Itumeleng Khune is a renowned goalkeeper who captains both Kaizer Chiefs and the South African national team. Besides his impressive goalkeeping skills, Khune is also a part-time plumber. With a monthly salary of R480k, he has proven his worth as a valuable asset to his teams.

Itumeleng Khune
Itumeleng Khune

5. Ricardo Nascimento – R400k per month

Ricardo Nascimento, a Brazilian defender, currently plays for Royal AM FC in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R400k, Nascimento brings his expertise and experience to the team’s defensive line. He has previously represented several clubs both in Brazil and South Africa.

Ricardo Nascimento
Ricardo Nascimento

6. Thapelo Morena – R400k per month

Thapelo Morena, a versatile player capable of playing as a defender or midfielder, contributes to the success of Mamelodi Sundowns in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R400k, Morena has realized his childhood dream of becoming a soccer star. He began his professional career with Bloemfontein Celtic FC.

Thapelo Morena
Thapelo Morena

7. Sibusiso Vilakazi – R350k per month

Sibusiso Vilakazi is an attacking midfielder who currently represents TS Galaxy in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R350k, Vilakazi has showcased his skills and creativity on the field. He has previously played for Mamelodi Sundowns and Bidvest Wits.

Sibusiso Vilakazi
Sibusiso Vilakazi

8. Bernard Parker – R300k per month

Bernard Parker, a midfielder or forward for TS Galaxy, has made significant contributions to the South African national team as well. With a monthly salary of R300k, Parker has established himself as a key player in the PSL. His career includes notable stints with Bafana Bafana and various clubs.

Bernard Parker
Bernard Parker

9. Gaston Sirino – R300k per month

Gaston Sirino, an Uruguayan winger, is a valuable asset to Mamelodi Sundowns in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R300k, Sirino brings his attacking prowess and technical skills to the team. He has previously played for Peñarol, Bolívar, San Luis, and Unión San Felipe.

Gaston Sirino
Gaston Sirino

10. Oupa Manyisa – R250k per month

Oupa Manyisa, a central midfielder, is currently associated with Chippa United FC in the PSL. With a monthly salary of R250k, Manyisa has showcased his talent and versatility on the field. He has previously played for Orlando Pirates FC, Mamelodi Sundowns, and TTM.

Oupa Manyisa
Oupa Manyisa


The South Africa Premier League (PSL) boasts a roster of highly skilled and dedicated soccer players. The top 10 highest-paid players in the league, including Keagan Dolly, Samir Nurković, Khama Billiat, Itumeleng Khune, Ricardo Nascimento, Thapelo Morena, Sibusiso Vilakazi, Bernard Parker, Gaston Sirino, and Oupa Manyisa, have not only achieved remarkable success but also inspire aspiring footballers across the country.


Q1: Who is the highest-paid PSL coach in 2023?

Arthur Zwane, a professional football coach and former player, is the top-paid PSL coach in 2023. He earns about R800k per month.

Q2: Who is the highest-paid player in African Leagues in 2023?

Ali Maâloul is the highest-paid player in African clubs. He plays for Al Ahly SC of the Egyptian Premier League and earns $1.5 million yearly. He shares this top slot with Percy Tau, who plays for the same team and earns the same amount.

Q3: Who is the top-paid player in the PSL?

Keagan Dolly of the Kaizer Chiefs is the top-paid player in the PSL. He earns about R1.45 million monthly.

Q4: Who is the highest-paid in the PSL in 2023?

The highest-paid PSL player in 2023 is Keagan Dolly of the Kaizer Chiefs. His monthly pay is R1.45 million.

Q5: Who is the highest-paid soccer player in the world?

The highest-paid player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. His salary is about $213 million (£173m) a year, and his net worth is $500 million.


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