Top 25 College Football Rankings 2024

The college football season of 2024 is well underway, and the rankings of the top 25 teams are starting to take shape. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors, including a team’s win-loss record, strength of schedule, and the skill level of their players. Fans of the sport eagerly anticipate the release of these rankings each week, as they provide insight into which teams are performing well and which ones are struggling.

One of the most popular ways to track the rankings of college football teams is through the Rank|Time|Trend|Next Game chart. This chart provides a comprehensive overview of the top 25 teams, their current rank, the time of their next game, and whether their trend is up, down, or stable. This information is updated regularly throughout the season, so fans can stay up-to-date on the latest rankings and make informed predictions about which teams will come out on top.

As the season progresses, the rankings of the top 25 teams are likely to shift and change. Some teams may exceed expectations and rise through the ranks, while others may struggle and fall behind. No matter what happens, these rankings are sure to generate plenty of excitement and debate among fans of college football.

Current Top 25 Rank|Team|Trend|Next game

As of February 10, 2024, the top 25 college football rankings are as follows:

Rank Team Trend Next game
1 Alabama Up vs. LSU
2 Clemson Down vs. Georgia
3 Georgia Up vs. Clemson
4 Ohio State Down vs. Notre Dame
5 Oklahoma Up vs. Texas
6 Notre Dame Up vs. Ohio State
7 Penn State Up vs. Auburn
8 Texas A&M Down vs. Miami
9 Miami Up vs. Texas A&M
10 Oregon Down vs. Michigan
11 Michigan Up vs. Oregon
12 Wisconsin Up vs. TCU
13 Florida Down vs. Oklahoma State
14 Oklahoma State Up vs. Florida
15 USC Down vs. Stanford
16 Stanford Up vs. USC
17 Auburn Down vs. Penn State
18 Iowa Up vs. Arizona State
19 Arizona State Down vs. Iowa
20 Texas Up vs. Arkansas
21 Arkansas Down vs. Texas
22 LSU Down vs. Alabama
23 UCF Up vs. Ole Miss
24 Ole Miss Down vs. UCF
25 Washington Down vs. Nebraska

Alabama currently holds the top spot in the rankings, followed by Clemson and Georgia. Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame round out the top six. All of these teams have had impressive seasons so far and are expected to continue their success in the upcoming games.

Penn State and Miami have both moved up in the rankings, while Texas A&M and Florida have dropped down. USC and Auburn have also seen a decline in their ranking, while Stanford and Iowa have moved up.

The next games for each team will be crucial in determining their future rankings. Alabama will face off against LSU, while Clemson will play Georgia. Ohio State will take on Notre Dame, and Oklahoma will go up against Texas. Fans of college football can expect exciting matchups and intense competition in the upcoming games.

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